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articuloAccessibility to audiovisual media
Accessibility to audiovisual media
The sight and hearing impaired have limited access to the main communications channels and entertainment media (film and television). Interpunct considers it an important objective to offer them access to the audiovisual media taking into account their needs and characteristics. That is why our accessibility services comply with the standards of AENOR, Spanish Association for Regulation and Certification.

  • Subtitling for the hearing impaired: subtitling for the hearing impaired, as well as informing those with auditory disabilities what is said, also includes all the information that such person cannot perceive for themselves: the way things are said (tone of voice, language), who says it and what is heard (environmental noise, songs and music).
    In our subtitling service for the hearing impaired, Interpunct follows the recommendations of standard UNE 153010:2003, Subtitling for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People. Subtitling by Teletext, published by AENOR. The object of this standard is to establish certain minimum quality requirements and a reasonable degree of homogeneity in subtitling for the hearing impaired and persons with auditory disability: subtitling format, subtitle exposure times, information on sound effects and music, etc.

  • Audio description: audio description is a relatively recent practice aimed at the blind and visually impaired which consists of taking advantage of the pauses and silences in the soundtrack of any audiovisual product (TV programme, film, play, etc.) to add comments that help the visually impaired person better understand the text by describing the action or setting of the scene, characters' features, dress, body language and facial expressions.
    Interpunct guarantees the quality of this service by following the recommendations of standard UNE 153020:2005, Audio Description for Visually Impaired People: Guidelines for Audio Description Procedures and for the Preparation of Audio Guides.

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